Our Story


The Store

Artists & Objects is a curated collection of original and limited-edition art, handcrafted furniture and homeware pieces. Our collection features a rich mix of traditional and modern crafts, furniture-making, stone carving, casting, weaving, printmaking, photography, drawing, painting and sculpture.

The Philosophy

We embrace the idea of ‘slow’ craft, focusing on handmade pieces that are built to last. We share stories from our makers so you can learn about how they work.
Artists & Objects work with independent stylists and photographers to capture each collection, here; A&O's Adam Watts, stylist Milly Bruce, photographer Sarah Merrett, creative director and stylist Hannah Bort, and photographer Veerle Evens.

The Future

We are committed to supporting independent UK-based artists and designers.
Every month we expand our collection, creating new partnerships with artists and designers. We are always on the lookout for new and exciting products.
We hope you find pieces you love.

Our Makers

Read more about our artists and designers on the Makers page.
Artists & Objects was founded by Adam Watts