Ambar is a homeware brand and design studio focused on knitwear and fabric development.

Founded by Natalia Nicolau, Ambar stems from her background in fashion and a decade’s experience in developing textiles for brands both in Brazil – where she was born – and the UK. Her degree in architecture also informs all her research and her creative process. Ambar’s showroom in East London is not only home to Ambar Homeware but is also a textile development studio. The team work on surface design, prints, and custom-made knit projects for both fashion and interior design.

At the beginning of the Ambar journey, Natalia decided to carry out her design and manufacturing solely in the UK. She trusted that the British tradition in textiles – both in technical terms, and in raw material sourcing – would ensure she reached a level of quality and craftsmanship that elevates all her creations.

Natalia is always on a quest for innovative materials, so every project starts with extensive research on the origin of the materials being used and every step of their suppliers’ process.  This enables Natalia and her clients to make responsible decisions on designing and buying products that will turn your house into a home.

Ambar Products