Grace McCarthy


Grace works from her studio at Excelsior studios in North Acton. The studio complex comprises over fifty makers housed in a newly renovated warehouse in an industrial estate. Originally Grace studied Three dimensional design at Camberwell College of Art in south London before developing her ceramics practice at Clay College in Stoke. Clay College opened in 2017 and runs a 2 year programme taught by full time potters teaching students everything there is to know about ceramics. Grace was one of the first groups of students on the course. “Whilst studying there, I learned a great number of skills and firing techniques that have changed and developed my work greatly. At present, most of my work is mostly electric fired but I also explore gas and wood firing.”
“A lot of what influences my work is the raw clay and the firing process; the relationship between both of these elements is what excites me about ceramics. Seeing how one reacts to the other. I love capturing this in the functional pottery that I make. Creating functional forms that quietly live in the home.”