Isabel Fletcher


Isabel Fletcher is a south London-based clothing and textile designer working with sustainable practices. With a background in fashion design, Isabel has broadened her practice to include textiles and homeware, designing functional works of art to be used in daily life.  Isabel’s work takes inspiration from overlooked and undervalued details found in the everyday.  Fabric offcuts collected during production become the starting point for further designs, taking inspiration from shape, colour and texture. Each unique piece is the result of extensive experimentation, combining techniques such as pattern cutting, collage, embroidery, hand sewing, quilting and appliqué with sustainable materials.
Through Isabel’s work, she explores the intricacy of making by exposing raw edges, visible stitching and layering of fabrics which emphasise the beauty in process and craftsmanship. Often working with materials she has coloured herself using natural dyes, Isabel has a deep connection to the materials she works with, making each piece immensely personal.

Isabel Fletcher Products