London Bathers


London Bathers was founded by Chris Long. The company is independent and family-run, on a mission to offer high quality, low impact bathroom products and accessories.

Chris offers the type of quality, design and ethical standards that he himself would expect.

The products include handmade soap and shampoo bars; hand blended and packed soaking sals; organic body and hand cleansers; and stainless steel soap brackets and dishes. All soap products are made in the UK and never tested on animals.

London Bathers’ products come in reusable glass bottles and jars – the company favours

refilling, rather than using and then throwing away. It sees the beauty in plain packaging, rather than the over-engineered sort, and believes in taking responsibility for its own recycling. Products are wrapped and packed in 100 per cent recyclable papers or cardboard. “It’s about making choices that lead to a cleaner life,” says Chris.



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